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Cf Warrior is a shooting war game. You are on the defense and the enemies will try to come and attack you.
The universe is in chaos and the Earth is in the middle of this mess. The Earth is the last planet on the universe that life can spread. That is why the forces in the universe has set their eyes on our planet. But we will not let them have it so easily.
Our soldier a.k.a CF warrior has an assignment. He is to defend the three portals that spawned in the middle of New York City. The lives of the New York City citizens are on your shoulder. Will you be able to carry this burden all by yourself?

Here are the instructions to play Cf Warrior:
Movement: "W,A,S,D"
Aim / Shoot: "Mouse"
Toggle Weapon: "Q"
Reload Weapon: "R"

Here are some tips to the game:
If you kill your enemy with headshots you get more points.
You have unlimited ammo so do not be hesitant to shoot.
Do not stay at a single spot. Move around so that the enemy will not reach you.
If an enemy has come close and your ammo has run out, instead of reloading switch to your melee weapon and kill the alien.

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